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face dual function DIY fruit facial mask making machine

Household Mask Machine

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Household Mask Machine


Make fresh mask

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Mask machine, measuring cup, instructions, DIY instruction, mask, Collagen mask powder

Household Mask Machine


  1. Natural beauty: Use Fresh Vegetable & Fruit   juice flag make fruit mask, no losing nutrients;
  2. Dual-purpose machine: Can make fruit juice to drink directly. And the juice slag can also do fruit mask
  3. Small Size and easy to move:  Easy to operate , assemble, Disassemble
  4. Easy to clean: Natural face mask, no chemical pollution, just wash by tapwater only
  5. Energy saving:Max power is only 50W. Saving energy and protect our environment
  6. Economical and practical: Can be applied to many persons. 


Household Mask MachineHousehold Mask MachineHousehold Mask Machine

Operation Step:

1.    Cut the material into small slices then put it into stiring cup

2.    Measuring 80ml water and drop into the stiring cup

3.    Assembling the stiring cup into the basement and close the cover then press “grinder” button

4.    After grinding, put the collagen powder into the stiring cup,then press “stir” button

5.   After stiring, drop the glue into the mask disk. Then press “mask” button

6.   After 5 minutes,the basement motor stop.And let the mask keep stop for 5-8 minutes. Then press the click to take out the mask.

 Household Mask Machine

For collagen capsule–No Need mask cotton

DIY fruit mask machine

Packaging & Shipping

Package information:

Product name:   Household Mask Machine

Product Size: 245x245x300mm
Color Carton: 17*33842cm

N.W.: 1.8Kg without collagen powder

Household Mask MachineHousehold Mask Machine

1. Stirring machine

2. Measuring cup

3. DIY beauty menu

4. Instructions

3. Collagen powder( need purchase seperately)

4. Special mask( need purchase seperately )

Vegetable & Fruit mask easily solve 6 skin problem


Apple Moisturizing Mask

Mask formula: Apple 20g, Milk 10g, water 80ml, mask powder 1 bag

Applicable skin: suit for Neutral, dry and combination skin

Function: Apple contains a variety of vitamins and a large number of organic acid, such as malic acid, citric acid and tannic acid, can replenish water, nourish the skin, prevent wrinkles.

Special tips: Apple is prone to oxidation, this mask is now doing, not saved


Tomato Whitening Mask

Mask formula: Tomato 20g, water 80ml, mask powder 1 bag

Applicable skin: suit for dry, neutral, oil skin

Function: Tomato contains not only free radical scavenging lycopene, but also many kinds of vitamins, minerals, trace elements. Can whiten skin but without stimulation, can replenish water, nourish the skin, prevent wrinkles.

Special tips: Sensitive skin be used with caution


Grape anti aging and prevent wrinkle mask

Mask formula: grape 3pcs , Honey 1 spoon, water 80ml, mask powder 1 bag

Applicable skin: all kinds skin

Function: Grape contains glucose, fructose, vitamin C, fat, protein and a variety of minerals. It can promote blood circulation, enhance physical strength, fatigue elimination and whitening skin

Special tips: None


Potato acne & detoxification mask

Mask formula: potato 20g , Honey few, water 80ml, mask powder 1 bag

Applicable skin: oily and acne skin

Function: Potato is mild. The raw juice can remove grease, cure sunburn, white skin. Boiled potato mash can clean horny, clean dirt of pores

Special tips: Potatoes contain alkaloids which is toxic. The sprouting of potatoes, peel green is uneatable

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