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OEM separate lid electric appliance electrical lunch box

small size rice cooker



 small size rice cooker

Product Name small size rice cooker
Rated voltage 220V
Power 250W
Capacity 1.2L
Suit for 2~3persons
Heating method Heating pad
Product Size 190x190x300mm
G.W. 1.5Kg
small size rice cooker

l  Mini small size rice cooker, convenient t take

l  Special pepper design, let your life more colorful;

l 1.2L small capacity, suit for lovers, single and new mother;

l  Energy saving: Only 280W small power;

l  Double cover, perfect thermal insulation


small size rice cooker

Suit For:

small size rice cooker

White colleagues:

Eat fast food outside in the noon which is non-nutrition but not healthy enough. Cook it at home it too trouble. Cook it in the office, fresh, healthy, nutrition and fast;


Eating canteen meals for longer time is boring. Cook own special meal in the dormitory is enjoyable, happy;


Cook in the hospital directly which can keep good nutrition;


Large capacity cooker wastes time and energy. Mini rice cooker can meet single special needs. It can also cook noodles, soup, etcsmall size rice cooker

Cooking Tips

Rice is one of the principle food of human. Delicious rice can improve the Appetite, keep good mood.

l  Put some drops of salad juice, can make the rice Capsules crystal;

l  Put some drops of lemon juice, can make the rice softer;

l  Add few salt can keep rice Fluffy

l  Add few vinegar can keep rice more fresh

l  Use tea cooking rice, you will have some surprise

 Nutrition Soup: Soup can improve healthy, compensate different nutrition.

Seaweed soup: There is enough Iodine of seaweed which can improve Secretion of thyroid hormone, improve blood circulation.

Bone soup: Compensate Calcium of human body. And there is also Collagen of bones soup which can keep beauty and young;

Chicken soup: The hen’s soup has some nutrition which is very good for Children and pregnant. And chicken soup can also prevent influence, improve immunity.

Package information:

Product Name:  baby rice cooker

Product size: 190x190x300mm
N.W.: 1.5kg
Box size: 21x19x22cm
G.W.: 1.6kg
Carton Size: 63x39x46cm
N.W.: 18kg
QTY: 12pcs

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