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New Design seed automation oil press machine for home use

small home oil press machine

screw oil press

screw oil press

Product Description


Product name  home  oil press machine
Material ABS, SS304 ,PP
Power Pressing: 180W

Heating: 400W

Working time 25-35 minutes
Working mode Full automated
Suit for Peanut, sesame, walnut, sunflower seed, rapeseed,
Product size 310x190x270mm
Color box 500x250x330mm
N.W. 7.5kg


  • The machine is for cold pressing
  • It is with large LED indicator
  • The product is full automatic pressing, heating
  • It is build in intelligent micro- computer controlling
  • The machine can press olive, peanuts, Sesame, walnut, Sunflower seed, Soybean, and so on.
  • Certification: Quality .patent


screw oil press


screw oil press

screw oil press

screw oil press

screw oil press

Examples of home oil press machine :

screw oil pressscrew oil press

screw oil press

screw oil press


Q: How long it will take once pressing?

A: Once working time is 30 minutes. And the working mode is full automation

Q: How much oil can press?

A:It can press 1kg raw material once time. 

Q: what’s the difference between hot pressing and cold pressing?

A: Hot pressing means first heat the raw material then do pressing. Cold pressing means raw material directly pressed without heating. In general, hot pressing is with high rated oil. We suggest you choose 4hot pressing.

Q:Can the oil press machine work on cold oil pressing and hot oil pressing?

A: Yes. The product is for cold oil pressing. But to get more oil out, you can heat the seed for several minutes by microwave oven firstly.

Q:How much oil can press once? What’s the oil rate?

A: In general, the oil rate is depend on the raw material. Please kindly take a look at below table:

Raw Material   Oil rate
olive 30~40%
peanuts 44~48%
Sesame 50~60%
walnut 55~60%
Sunflower seed 50~55%
Rapeseed 38~40%
Camellia seed 35~38%
Soybean 10~17%


Q: can the auto oil press machine press the oil by mix raw material?

A:The oil press machine can’t press oil use mixture raw material because different raw material has different temperature request. If mixture raw oil, the raw material maybe burned.

Q: what’s the material of squeezing chamber and pressing rod? What’s the other material

A: The squeezing chamber and pressing rod are made of SS 304 by food grade. SS304 is with high strength, safe and healthy. The other material is by PP with food grade which is anti high temperature, healthy, easy to clean.

Q:How to press the small particle raw material such as Sesame and Rapeseed, etc

A: Handle the raw material and put the material slowly. Please don’t put one into it.

Important Notes

  • Please don’t use the machine continuously. Please keep it rest for 15 minutes between two pressings.
  • The pressed oil can’t use directly. Please keep it Precipitation for 4~8 hours.
  • Please don’t use mixing raw material to press oil.
  • For large particle raw material, please cut the raw material into small particle.
  • Please put the raw material slowly into the machine
Packaging & Shipping

Product Name:  home oil press machine

Product Size: 310x190x270mm

Box: 500x250x330mm

Carton: 520x510x350mm

QTY: 2pcs

N.W.: 7.2kg

G.W.: 10kg

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