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Personal air purifier

Necklace Personal Air Purifier

portable air purifier

portable air purifier






Product Name personal air purifier
Voltage 5V
Power <1W
Size: 57*47*22mm
Charging time  <4 hours
Working time ~20 hours
N.W.: 37g
Negative ion >1.3million/cm3

What is negative ion?

Ions are invisible particles, either molecules or atoms, which bear an electric charge. Atoms, for instance, consist of an atomic nucleus that contains neutral neutrons and positively charged protons, as well as orbiting electrons that are negatively charged. When an atom is in a neutral condition, the number of protons (+) and electrons (-) is equal. When the number of protons and electrons is not the same, the particle becomes an ion that is either positively or negatively charged.

Negative  Ion in Nature:

Places Amount in cubic inches Amount in cm3
At the base of waterfall 610-3000 10,000-50,000
In the mountains 500 8000
By sea side 250 4000
In forest 190 3000
In the countryside 74 1200
In a city with little pollution 18 300
In a polluted city 3 50
In a crowded space 1.5 25
In a car 0.9 15

Function of Negative Ion

  • Make active oxygen, refresh and clean the air
  •  Refresh the brain
  •  Improve the heart and lung’s function 
  •  Advance the metabolism and enhance the immunity system 
  •  Improve the sleep quality 
  •  Sterilization and protection function 
  • Relieve second-hand hazard more effectively 
  • Remove soot and dust 
  •  Strengthen the degree of hair moisturizing


portable air purifier

portable air purifierportable air purifier

portable air purifier

Packaging & Shipping

Package information:

portable air purifier

Product Name: Personal air purifier

Box Size:83X43X123mm
Carton size: 450X280x270MM
QTY: 50pcs
20′: 50000

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